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BioClin International Research Journal (BIRJ)

BioClin International Research Journal (BIRJ) is a non-profit, peer-reviewed open access international forum which welcomes publications on all field of Biological, Biomedical and Medical research every two months. Its main objective is to encourage original and innovative research in the field of Biomedical, medicine and health sciences.

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Current Issue: Vol 1, No1 (2019) (2019) (2019)

Latest Published Articles

Evaluation of knowledge about HIV/AIDS patients among Dental students: Findings from Eastern Turkey
AIDS, Attitudes, Dental students, HIV, Knowledge, Turkey.
The toxicity of Green Bitter Weed (Hymenoxys odorata) Plant Extract to the liver hepatocytes and kidney of Wistar Rats
Green bitter weed; Hymenoxys odorata; Liver and Kidney toxicity
Management of Deep Neck Space Infections in a Nigerian Referral Center
Abscesses, Infections, Deep neck space
The Evaluation of the Effects of Repeated Practical Applications on the Skill Development of Dental Students.
Repeated Practical Applications, Skill Development, Dental Students
Morphological variations of the lung fissure and lobes: A case study of a Kenyan female cadaver
Lungs, Variation, Fissure