Open Access, Peer Reviewed

Barriers to early diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression among mothers attending Nakuru level five Hospital

Doris Jeptalam Tuitoek

Date of Publication: 2020-11-14


Postpartum depression is a mental health illness which is chronic, debilitating psychological condition that affects women during postpartum period to one year after childbirth, it is characterized by: reduced quality of life, costly treatment and management with increased risk of numerous life threatening events and complications. Literature in Kenya has indicated underreporting of PPD cases thus subjecting mothers to psychological trauma but also the newborn to the negative impacts of PPD, therefore, leading to several potential harmful effects not only on the maternal-child attachment but also on the infant’s development. Data was collected by the researcher among all the nurses working at the Maternal Child Health clinic services by use of an interview guide. This study indicated the lack of a screening tool at the study area and despite majority of nurses reporting to be aware of PPD screening tool, only 6 have ever used the screening tool. Sources of information regarding the screening tool was majorly got from theinternet. This study also identified the following barriers to early diagnosis of PPD: lack of PPD screening tool, emphasis on physical well being of a mother other than the mental well being, lack of awareness of PPD among the nurses.